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PaoLink v 1.0

Links Exchange Script PHP -No database required

online DEMO

This script allows you to automate links exchange and to increase visitors on your website.
Your visitors can suggest a link from a form. You can set to receive an e-mail when a visitor suggests a link.
The administrator can approve in admin area the suggested link before pubblishing.

Image of Admin area

Functions and features of PaoLink v 1.0 Script

  • Multilanguage - You can set your language. Available: english, italian, but it's very easy traslated in your language a siple text file.
  • Admin area - the administrator can approve, edit and delete link entries
  • Total Spam protection - the administrator can approve in admin area the suggested link before pubblishing.
  • You can set to receive an e-mail when a visitor leaves a new entry on the link area.
Full customizable :

Colors of pages and other options about layout. ( if you wish try another skin you can rename index2.php in index.php)


To install this script needs Apache webserver, PHP4 on Windows, Unix or Linux. You can open the zip file with a software such as Winzip after downloading from our site.

No needs database. The download of this script is free of charge. It can be used freely on private or commercial sites. This script is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU license.


1) Unzip the files, open "conf.php" file to set your password for admin area and to configure colors of link and other options about layout. Set address of your e-mail if you wish to receive it when somone sign a new entry.

2) Upload all script files into a directory of your choice.

3) Set writable permissions (chmod 777) of text files within "dati" directory.

4)The script is now ready to use. At the left side of index page you'll find the admin area link. Click on admin to enter in protected pages and to admin entries of PaoLink

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